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A great tradition in skin care

PNVM Cosmo Derma Centre, Ernakulam, has been synonymous with effective skin care. Down the years, the Cosmo Derma Centre has provided world-class treatment for various skin problems to countless number of patients. One of the best Skin and Laser Cosmetology clinic, the Cosmo Derma Centre has ultra-modern facilities, providing advanced skin treatments.

Clinic is fully functional with covid safety protocols

Covid19 keeps on spreading quickly in India and across the world. At the last tally more than 16 million individuals have been tainted with the lethal infection internationally and 50,000 new cases have arisen in India just now. While the pandemic keeps on seething worldwide, plans rotating principally around friendly removing and individual cleanliness are in progress subsequently raising widespread worry as for the resuming different working environments.
Instead of this, PNVM Cosmo Derma Centre, Ernakulam, has been Clinic fully functional with covid safety protocols. We always care our patients life, so that we installed Coronaguard machine. Also our clinic provides air purifier with cross ventilation.

Friendly Ambience
  • The Center has a bright and friendly ambience on par with international standards. The staff and care givers are cheerful, cordial and caring.

State-of-art equipments
  • The Center makes use of the most advanced US-FDA, K-FDA approved equipments. Laser and procedures are especially suitable for Indian skin types...

Personalised Treatment
  • PNVM Cosmo Derma Centre was started with a vision of bringing affordable Laser and advanced Cosmetic surgery to the common man.